When LIFE Throws You A Curve Ball
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When LIFE Throws You A Curve Ball

Hello and happy Spring!  Winter's finally O=V=E=R so, it's been quite a while since my last blog post.  I'm still actively working my business.  However, I was hit with some [tough] personal challenges that life threw my way.  Last December, a dear friend of my husband and me was visiting his parents in Virginia.  Taken to the hospital, he needed surgery for acute appendicitis and is much better.  Not long after, my mother became very sick and passed away.  A lot to wrap my head around, forcing me to realize what's really important...

Fast forward almost two weeks ago, my husband and I went ice skating.  Near the end of the last lap, I lost my footing.  My feet [and skates] went out in front of me--leaving my right wrist and arm going backwards.  X-rays showed a hairline fracture and thank God, no surgery will be needed.  My orthopedic doctor put my wrist in a cast for 6 weeks.  New X-rays show my wrist is healing nicely.  Meanwhile, I'm doing everything with my left hand.  At the age of 4, I was using my left hand but was forced by my parents to be right-handed.  So, I believe I've come full circle!

In the coming months,I look forward to writing about our real estate investing escapades, delving into subjects like delinquent notes, choosing a proficient property management company for our investments, & approaching and working with motivated sellers (of multifamily commercial properties).  Until then, I must refrain a bit from using the internet and keep my cast elevated.  Look forward to sharing more real estate adventures in the future.  Stay tuned! 
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