Developing An Entrepreneurial Spirit
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Developing An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many thanks to all of you who continue visiting our web site.  We greatly appreciate it.  My husband and I decided to take 2014 off for a complete recovery since my surgery over a year ago.  Jumping back into the business right away would not have been a good idea.  It was best for me to recuperate; my nurse  monitored my progress weekly to avoid any potential relapse.  Doing so has allowed me to ease back into my workout and regain my strength. 

After college I was introduced to entrepreneurship.  Running a successful business meant sacrificing time, sleep, money and hands-on training.  It meant partnering with successful people who were doing what I wanted to do.  Developing an entrepreneurial spirit means challenges are much harder but the risks/rewards are worth it.  AND NEVER GIVING UP!  NEVER LOSING FOCUS.  I've always owned a business that I worked part-time while working a full-time job.  The advantage in doing so is gaining lots of [years of experience], then tweaking the business to suit my customer base.  After graduating from college years ago, I was introduced to Avon Cosmetics, Shaklee and Mary Kay which I owned for over 15 years. 

Those years of experience have been captured and applied to Leapfrog.  In 2011, I was introduced to real estate investing and with my husband, we got our training, chose our niche, developed a business plan and put together a team of professionals.  In the last month of the last quarter of 2011, Leapfrog Services LLC was born.  Training is ongoing because market trends are always changing.  But unlike other markets, real estate is rather constant; you can make money whether the market is going up, down or sideways.  Anyone with strong will, determination and desire to succeed can become an entrepreneur.  It isn't for everyone nor is it 9-5.  You work long and sometimes odd hours.  It has been my experience that for any business--no matter its size, you must know:
. your customer
. the market
. your competition
. your exit strategy

We're very excited about the next several months ahead and now get calls from various brokers wanting to do business with us.  As a business owner, 2014 was a good year to recover.  Given the opportunity to study current trends, see how the  markets in our area will perform 1st quarter of 2015 will be crucial for our first commercial investments. 

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