It's Good To Be Back
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It's Good To Be Back

It's been a while since my last blog post.  July 31, 2014 marks one year since I had surgery to save my life.  The medical problem I had will not be disclosed here, but is contained in a previous blog I wrote.  It was rough last summer being at 2 different hospitals; the last one with a rehab center.

Experiencing a life-threatening condition and surviving has taught me a fragile life really is and not taking anything for granted.  It hs also taught me how to be a fighter in the midst of triaIs.  I thank Almighty God for giving me my life back because I almost died.  I believe God has given me a second chance to get my house in order.  That being said, the last several months were spent recuperating; allowing me to continue my active life.  I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful husband who was with me through the whole ordeal.  He's a KEEPER for sure! 

Since this is a professional blog on a professional web site, the content contained therein is expressly designed to attract [other] real estate investors in our industry.  We want to connect with other real estate professionals in the exchanging of information and strategies used primarily in the commercial real estate industry.  We will continue our search for great cosmetically-distressed single family homes as well as underperforming multifamily buildings.  I am officially back to work doing what I love.  A huge thank you to those page viewers/visitors who continue to visit our site.

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