Update on my medical condition
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Update on my medical condition

Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor.  He's one of the neurosurgeons who operated to stop the bleed-out of the aneurysm.  After checking my vitals and a short series of exercises, he gave me a good report.
He said I can return to my Tae Bo workout but it's a bit too early.  Tae Bo is straight up high impact aerobics, requiring all my strength and focus.  Right now, I can only handle light workouts...just enough to prevent my muscles from atrophy.  I also miss driving which I'm not really up to but could, if I had to.  Doctors have to be overly cautious, especially with brain aneurysms.  Since they're related to strokes, there's still a lot they don't understand about the brain and how it works.  What amazes me is their response to my quick recovery.
When I was released from the hospital, my in-home nurse called me "her miracle in motion".  In all her years of nursing, she said that she never saw anyone like me.  My medical report was worse than they thought.  However, I was on the front porch tending to my [many] plants when she arrived.  She and my in-home PT (physical therapist) said they expected me to be bedridden, in a wheelchair or on a walker.  Not up and about...walking around like nothing was wrong.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Almighty God and thank Him everyday for giving me my life back. 
I also owe a debt of gratitude to my wonderful husband for his quick response in getting me to the hospital.  Having to face this life-threatening problem has been humbling.  It has made me stronger and not take [anything in my] life for granted.  It is to God I thank for reuniting me with my husband, my cats and the ability to do my business.  There's a work He wants me to complete; I won't stop until it's done.
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