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Advance To Boardwalk!

It's been a while since my last blog.  We've been super busy with business and have set Leapfrog Services LLC in a new direction.  Before the Company was created, my husband and I decided to enter the market offering help to distressed homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure. 
Instead, our business deals have led us into the arena of wholesaling cosmetically-distressed single family homes in Martinsburg, WV and elsewhere in the tri-state area.  
After doing that for a while, we switched gears again--making commercial real estate our PRIMARY niche in the marketplace.  While Leapfrog Services LLC will always continue to wholesale cosmetically-distressed homes, its primary focus is on buying and holding under-performing apartment buildings. 
Leapfrog's primary niche market is in Baltimore, MD.  After visiting one of her submarkets, my husband and I have found Baltimore a very vibrant city with about 225 submarkets and a lot of amenities to offer its residents.
Being from New York myself, Baltimore is not the same city I visited many years ago.  Cities change, just as people do...hopefully for the better!  Baltimore's submarkets are being built up and brought into the 21st century while still maintaining their historic uniqueness. 
Leapfrog Services is currently involved in a project to completely turn around an under-performing apartment building...with the goal of making it a "historic jewel" in its own right.  I promise to keep you posted!
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