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Buying Multifamily Apartment Buildings

There are many types of multifamily buildings to choose from.  Investors need to know where to start and how many units they can afford.  As an investor, you can start small or large or anywhere in between.  For example: there's a 100 unit apartment building for sale in a great part of town.  Seller price: $35M (hint: lots of jobs and businesses nearby).  If that's too much, start with something smaller like 20-30 units.

The owner has too many properties in his/her real estate portfolio and wants to unload some of them.

Developing An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many thanks to all of you who continue visiting our web site.  We greatly appreciate it.  My husband and I decided to take 2014 off for a complete recovery since my surgery over a year ago.  Jumping back into the business right away would not have been a good idea.  It was best for me to recuperate; my nurse  monitored my progress weekly to avoid any potential relapse.  Doing so has allowed me to ease back into my workout and regain my strength.

It's Good To Be Back

It's been a while since my last blog post.  July 31, 2014 marks one year since I had surgery to save my life.  The medical problem I had will not be disclosed here, but is contained in a previous blog I wrote.  It was rough last summer being at 2 different hospitals; the last one with a rehab center.

Experiencing a life-threatening condition and surviving has taught me a fragile life really is and not taking anything for granted.  It hs also taught me how to be a fighter in the midst of triaIs.

Update on my medical condition

Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor.  He's one of the neurosurgeons who operated to stop the bleed-out of the aneurysm.  After checking my vitals and a short series of exercises, he gave me a good report.
He said I can return to my Tae Bo workout but it's a bit too early.  Tae Bo is straight up high impact aerobics, requiring all my strength and focus.  Right now, I can only handle light workouts...just enough to prevent my muscles from atrophy.

Unexpected Medical Condition

Dear Friends,
About three weeks ago, I suffered a brain aneurism (a blood vessel bursts in the brain and can't get oxygen).
I'm a bit limited on what I can and can't do under doctors' orders.  If my [wonderful] husband had not acted so quickly, I would not be here to write this blog.  My doctors have told me no stress, no workouts, no business until the end of this year.
Rehab is going well but mostly I need rest.  Some things I remember how to do, others I have no memory of.

Advance To Boardwalk!

It's been a while since my last blog.  We've been super busy with business and have set Leapfrog Services LLC in a new direction.  Before the Company was created, my husband and I decided to enter the market offering help to distressed homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure. 
Instead, our business deals have led us into the arena of wholesaling cosmetically-distressed single family homes in Martinsburg, WV and elsewhere in the tri-state area.  

A Tip To Avoid Foreclosure

LeapfrogServices LLC Blog – February/March, 2013
I want to start this blog by announcing that Leapfrog Services LLC has moved into the commercial real estate arena! It is a lot of work; the preparation has kept me busy these last several weeks.   My sincere apologies to those of you who visit our web site and read my last blog…thanks for your patience!
Foreclosure is a delicate subject.  I postponed writing this blog--to really think about what I wanted to say.


Leapfrog Services Web Site Blog – 31 December 2012
I want to start this blog by thanking all those who have visited our web site. 
In keeping my word, I would like this site to be interactive.
In July 2012, my husband and I went driving for dollars.  It’s a real estate investor term which means searching for good wholesale deals to sell to other investors.  We found a 2 bed/1 bath house for sale.  I contacted the listing agent, introduced myself and made an appointment for a walk-thru.
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