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Property Management For Real Estate Investors

Property Management.  As real estate investors, have we considered it?  Yes.  Do we know what it entails?  Somewhat.  Is it a sector of our investment strategy to do ourselves or do we outsource?  If you're inexperienced, you need to hire an efficient property management company to do it for you.  THEY ARE OUT THERE!  Hiring a competent property management company is worth more than its weight in gold, saving you lots of headaches in the long term [especially if you don't know what you're doing].

The Beauty Of Mixing Multifamily Investing With Wholesales

My husband and I discovered a way to mix two real estate niches together.  The last two months have kept us quite busy working with expired listings.  I was unable to write a blog for August b/c the pace of our business has increased dramatically.  The reason we're working with expired listings is to reach those homeowners with properties that never sold.  Either the realtor failed to properly market the property or it never generated enough interest.  We work with a few select realtors--with whom we can do repeat business.

The Beauty Of Wholesale Properties

Wow, another month is upon us, making 2018 a little more than halfway over.  This month, my blog is about the beauty of wholesaling properties.  You may be wondering exactly what wholesaling is.  This is the formula: a motivated seller with a distressed single family home.  Enter eager real estate investors.  The first investor is the one who typically makes a deal with the seller by putting the property under contract.  Based on the comps in the area, repair costs are estimates.

Our First Multifamily Acquisition (Almost!)

My apologies, it's been a while since my last blog post.  As a commercial real estate investor, my first acquisition went south.  Last summer, I found a 7-unit turnkey apartment building for sale.  It was fully occupied with long-term tenants, a real estate investor's dream!  Listed on an investor website at the time, I didn't think my Company could afford it yet because I didn't have any financing in place.  Robert Kiyosaki and  Ken McElroy said the number one skill of an entrepreneur is raising capital.

When LIFE Throws You A Curve Ball

Hello and happy Spring!  Winter's finally O=V=E=R so, it's been quite a while since my last blog post.  I'm still actively working my business.  However, I was hit with some [tough] personal challenges that life threw my way.  Last December, a dear friend of my husband and me was visiting his parents in Virginia.  Taken to the hospital, he needed surgery for acute appendicitis and is much better.  Not long after, my mother became very sick and passed away.

The Building Of A Business, The Creation Of A Brand

Tell me and I'll forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I'll learn.” -- Benjamin Franklin

(Left: one of the distressed properties we're working on). I think Ben Franklin was on to something!  This quote was "borrowed" from a real estate investing site I belong to.  I don't know about you, but I learn by doing things hands-on.  To paraphrase a quote Robert Kiyosaki made, he said, "When we make mistakes as entrepreneurs, it is how we learn.

Buying Multifamily Apartment Buildings

There are many types of multifamily buildings to choose from.  Investors need to know where to start and how many units they can afford.  As an investor, you can start small or large or anywhere in between.  For example: there's a 100 unit apartment building for sale in a great part of town.  Seller price: $35M (hint: lots of jobs and businesses nearby).  If that's too much, start with something smaller like 20-30 units.

The owner has too many properties in his/her real estate portfolio and wants to unload some of them.

Developing An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many thanks to all of you who continue visiting our web site.  We greatly appreciate it.  My husband and I decided to take 2014 off for a complete recovery since my surgery over a year ago.  Jumping back into the business right away would not have been a good idea.  It was best for me to recuperate; my nurse  monitored my progress weekly to avoid any potential relapse.  Doing so has allowed me to ease back into my workout and regain my strength.

It's Good To Be Back

It's been a while since my last blog post.  July 31, 2014 marks one year since I had surgery to save my life.  The medical problem I had will not be disclosed here, but is contained in a previous blog I wrote.  It was rough last summer being at 2 different hospitals; the last one with a rehab center.

Experiencing a life-threatening condition and surviving has taught me a fragile life really is and not taking anything for granted.  It hs also taught me how to be a fighter in the midst of triaIs.

Update on my medical condition

Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor.  He's one of the neurosurgeons who operated to stop the bleed-out of the aneurysm.  After checking my vitals and a short series of exercises, he gave me a good report.
He said I can return to my Tae Bo workout but it's a bit too early.  Tae Bo is straight up high impact aerobics, requiring all my strength and focus.  Right now, I can only handle light workouts...just enough to prevent my muscles from atrophy.
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